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Robyn Malcolm scored a beautiful picture of animal friendship in Eden, New South Wales when she captured that glorious image of a seal riding a whale.

Look at it again.

He's just chilling. Hanging out and enjoying the scenery while his oceanic minion delivers him to his destination.

There's no telling what part this cetacean transportation has in the global turmoil over ride sharing.

But probably this pair is just really late to the weasel riding a woodpecker party and they think they can catch some of that sweet, sweet virality.

Here's that picture again, just for fun.

cute seal rescue What Is That Baby Seal Doing in a Field Full of Cows?
Via: ITV News
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A passing birdwatcher was walking in the Frampton Marshes in Lincolnshire, England when he noticed a herd of cows gathered around a puddle. When he stopped to see what the fuss was about he found this 5-day-old baby seal. 

The seal pup was found all alone without it's mother. The only guess to how it got in the middle of a cow field is a nearby creek. 

Fortunately the orphaned seal was rescued with the help of local seal sanctuary. This baby has a lot of weight to gain to be back in good shape but she is expected to recover and be rehabilitated into the wild. 

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