90's Kids are Mourning Jovian, Star of PBS KIDS Show Zoboomafoo

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Jovian the lemur, better known as Zoboomafoo, died Monday at the age of 20.5 at the Duke Lemur Center, where he spent his entire life. His co-hosts on Zoboomafoo, Chris & Martin Kratt had this to say about Jovian:

"He'd jump in through the window and we'd feed him mangoes or garbanzo beans. Sometimes he'd grab our noses with those soft sifaka hands. He was very social and calm. He was young and good-looking and very gentle."

Jovian is survived by his second partner, Pia, a brother Julian, aged 22, 7 children and 4 grandchildren.You can read Jovian's full obituary on Duke Today here.

If this got you right in the feels, join in on the twitter-feels remembering Zooboomafoo now.

Farewell of the Day: RIP Frostie the Goat

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About a month ago we featured Frostie the Goat here on Cheezburger. Sadly, late Monday night Frostie became ill and passed not long after.

A blog post on Edgar's Mission reads:

Over the past 24 hours I have been consumed by a numbness, a numbness that has both protected and prevented me. Whilst is has protected me from a tsunami of pain, it has prevented me from writing this piece and only now in its subsiding can I type the words Frostie the Snowgoat has passed.

In the early hours of Monday morning the little champ told me he was not well as a rapidly expanding stomach screamed bloat. With Frostie's attending vet alerted and the administering of medications and massage commenced, the race was on to get my little buddy to her care and expertise in time. But alas this was not to be. As the little guy made his last gasps of breath he looked into my tear filled eyes as I begged him to stay, I told him I loved him and would do so forever more. It was not until I knew his spirit had passed that I would scream 'why' at the top of my lungs and sob inconsolably into his warm, sweet smelling white fur.

Goodnight Sweet Prince of the Day

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Marty, the inspiration behind Nyan Cat, passed away last night after being diagnosed with Feline infectious peritonitis only a week ago, according to Chris Torres. In remembering his passing, Torres shared the story of Marty's life via his Twitter account and the homepage of Nyan.cat has been swapped with Sad Nyan Cat. Rest in peace, Marty.

Animal Videos: Space Bat In Memorium

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One year ago today, the world lost a great hero... a tiny bat who bravely clung to the outside of a space shuttle. Although we mourn spacebat's passing, we honor all animals who gave their lives in the pursuit of clinging to the side of space shuttles. R.I.P., Spacebat.

Love cute and funny animal videos? We have a whole site for them!

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