(Unofficial) Bird Bowl '13!

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There's a lot of NFL Playoff Games happening this weekend, including games from the Ravens, Broncos, Packers, and 49ers.

The game WE'RE most looking forward to is this Sunday at 10AM Pacific and 1PM Eastern! The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Atlanta Falcons in what has been unofficially dubbed THE BIRD BOWL '13.

Turns out 'Seahawk' is another name for the Osprey, a predatory bird that lives near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. It is not a sea-eagle, but is instead a large raptor that surives on a primary diet of fish. We don't know what species of falcon the Atlanta Falcons are, but we can rest assured that they share the same need for speed that their namesake does.

What games are YOU watching this weekend?

NFL Pups Show Their Team Spirit

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Its time for Football Playoffs, and just because they can't hold a football doesn't mean these playful pups can't root for their favorite teams! Above are some representatives from the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, the Denver Broncos, the Houston Texans, the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the New England Patriots!

Since we at the ICHC home base are ALWAYS in Beast Mode, we'll be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks! Who are YOU cheering on this weekend?

Photo credit goes to: [Christine], Renee V, scribbledpaper, houstontexans.com, cdw9, Jim Kiernan, crazylady624

VIDEO: Are You Ready for the Kitty Halftime Show????

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Are you ready for The Big Game on Sunday???? Or maybe you're like us, and you don't care that much about football? Still, there are exciting things happening on Sunday for the animal lovers among us! For example, Animal Planet's Kitty Halftime Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG SEW CYOOOOOT!!!! Check out last year's show above, and tune in for more cyootness on Sunday!

Visit The Big Game all week long for all of your football LOLz!