Happy World Elephant Day!

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Today is the day to celebrate everything we love about those long-nosed land mammals! Do you want to learn more about these amazing behemoths? Head over to visit our friends at The Nature Conservancy to find out how you can help elephants in Africa!

Don't forget to wish your friends a happy World Elephant Day! After all, an elephant never forgets!

Give Us Your Captions for World Elephant Day!

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Like those lovable pachyderms, we could never forget that tomorrow is World Elephant Day, and we're totally excited! We're partnering up with our friends at The Nature Conservancy for a celebration, and we want you to join in on the fun! We know you adore these lovable land behemoths, so give us your best caption in honor of the occasion!

Head to our builder to submit your very best LOL for this image. Look inside your creativity trunk and have fun!

photo credit: MyCrew by Braden Tucker

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