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Drones are pretty cool but in the wrong hands they can do some pretty scary things, like spy on people or drop any number of harmful things on an unsuspecting public. Or this:

The point is, it's important to have a defense against drones. That's why the Dutch National Police force have started training eagles to take down drones and look awesome doing it. These birds of prey are the perfect weapon to take down a drone because of their super strong talons and the fact that they can fly.

The only problem so far is that the drone blades could still injure the eagles which means someday our future may include armored eagles.

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Talk about a bird’s eye view.

Darshan the white-tailed eagle made history on Saturday breaking the world record for the highest bird flight off a man-made structure.

A group called the Freedom Conservation strapped a Sony ActionCam Mini him and captured his 2,722-foot descent off the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to help raise awareness about the endangered species.

The charity works in partnership with both SOS (Save our Species) and UNESCO, and the stunt was also broadcast live on BBC News.

"I'm really proud of the bird,” his trainer, Jacques-Olivier Travers told Khaleej Times. "Today was really perfect. I really think that anyone who saw these shots will never think of eagles again in the same way."

This wasn’t the first time Darshan has soared off a tall building. He’s also flown from the Eiffel Tower in Paris and St Paul's Cathedral in London.

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