Say 'Ello to Elo Kitty!

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Elo Kitty used to live on the neighborhood streets with lots of other homeless cats. After someone noticed he was more of a lap cat than an outdoors cat, he was moved into a shelter in hopes of being adopted. He's been stuck there for over a year now and is the perfect fit for a family looking for a cuddle buddy. There's no reason for any pet to be stuck in a shelter for so long, especially a sweet little nugget like Elo Kitty! This young, healthy, and beautiful orange tabby is ready to go home with a loving family.

If you live near Atlanta and want to adopt Elo, email to set up a meeting.

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This Little Narcissist Needs Someone to Tell Her She's Beautiful Every Day

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Cody may look a bit self-obsessed in this photo, but she's actually a very laid back, kind, and gentle soul. Her foster parents call her a sweet, sweet girl who takes things in stride and playful kitten who loves attention.

You can find Cody at the Paws & Claws Humane Society in Rochester, Minnesota. Paws & Claws promotes and provides humane protection and shelter for abandoned or lost companion animals. They are a no-kill shelter.

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Brad (and) Pitt Will Make You Swoon!

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Brad and Pitt were found abandoned in the an alley behind a restaurant. They're not related, but they were found together and are great friends. They are currently living at Bobbi and the Strays in New York.

Bobbi and the Strays is a 100% non-profit no-kill animal rescue organization with an adoption center in Queens and a shelter on Long Island. They rescue stray dogs and cats from the streets, and from situations of abuse and neglect. Additionally, they rescue many pets from "death row" at kill shelters in New York.

Share their profile with anyone you know in New York to help them find a home, or find other animals near you with our partners,'s Pics for Pets. Click here to find out how you can save an animal's life with the click of a button.

This is the Cutest Furby I've Ever Seen

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Some may say Furby looks like an alien, but we think she looks like the perfect pet. She's hesitant with strangers at first, but warms up easily and then becomes quite outgoing. She'd prefer not to be picked up, though she does love to rub all over friendly people and sit next to them for a petting session. She's more on the couch potato end of the spectrum, but has been known to play with ping pong balls sometimes. She also loves to be brushed!

She currently lives at Norwalk, Connecticut's Pet Animal Welfare Society. PAWS is a network of volunteers who provide shelter, medical care and affection while finding loving homes for homeless and abused dogs and cats.

Do you know anyone in Connecticut who could give this lovely girl a home? Share her profile with anyone you know who could help out. Then visit to find out how you can help other pets near you just by hitting the share button.

We Promise Black Cats Aren't Actually Bad Luck!

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Katie has been waiting for a loving home since last Winter. She is a bit older and wouldn't mind staying home while her busy family is out and about during the day. She's in great shape and, at this point in her life, she's ready to just relax and feel what it's like to be in a loving family!

Can you give her a home, Seattle? Check her out on Do Something!

Can You Give This Batdog a New Bat Cave?

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Remi's a young (about 1.5 years), neutered male terrier mix. He's active and playful, and loves play fighting with his foster brother and going on walks. However, he is very well trained and understands many basic commands such as "sit, stay, no, wait, come," etc. He is good with other dogs and small children. One of the volunteers at Pet Rescue saved him from death row at a high kill shelter. He's a happy, loving dog waiting for someone to be happy and loving with.

Pet Rescue by Judy is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter based in Sanford, FL. Started by Judy Sarullo almost 20 years ago, they take in all types of dogs or cats and will nurse them back to health if needed, and take care of them until they can find a foster or permanent home. They also participate in many special events and adoption events throughout the Orlando area to raise awareness for their shelter and for shelter animals in general.

Learn how you can help Remi find a family by signing up for Pics for Pets today!

Who Wouldn't Want More Cute Kitty Toes to Love?

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Meet Ryan, a six-toed cat who currently resides at the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation in Dillsburg, PA.

Six-toed cats, also known by the fancier name Polydactyl Cats, were made famous by the author Ernest Hemingway. He was so charmed by his feline friends that his former home in Key West is now a museum where tourists can stop and see the so-called Hemingway Cats.

Do you know someone in Pennsylvania who could welcome Ryan into their home? Click Ryan's picture to sign up for's Pics for Pets and share Ryan and other adoptable pets. You can save an animal's life just by hitting "share!"

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