Bravo Made a TV Show About Cheezburger! You Can Watch the First Episode Now!

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Howdy, Cheezfrends! Did you know that Bravo made a television show about Cheezburger? You didn't?! Well now you do! And we're very excited to let you know that you can watch the first episode of LOLwork right now on Hulu! Let us know what you think!

Most importantly: Don't forget to tune in to LOLwork on Bravo! Wednesdays at 11 p.m. beginning November 7!

Cheezburger HQ Celebrates National Cat Day!

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Of course we had to celebrate National Cat Day! We love cats! So to celebrate, we had a few cats stop by the office. And then we ate delicious cupcakes! Read more about our fun cupcake party (and see more pictures) at the company blog!

Trick-or-Treat With Cheezburger on Halloween!

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This Halloween, join Cheezburger for a spooky-scary scavenger hunt! If you aren't TOO SCARED, this is how to play along:

1) Visit Cheezburger on Halloween (Wednesday, October 31).

2) Look for Halloween-themed posts. Click on them. Some of these posts contain a link to some ~~absolutely terrifying~~ (not really) hidden posts!

3) Leave a comment on each of the hidden posts that you find. Please use your real email address or Cheezburger account when leaving your comment.

4) There are a total of 10 hidden posts. In order to find all 10, you will need to visit as may Cheezburger sites and click on as many Halloween posts as possible. The links could appear on any one of our sites.

5) All participating posts will publish between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST.

6) We will select one comment at random. That comment wins the grand prize of...

A $25 gift certificate to LOLmart!

Happy hunting and good luck!

Vote for Your Favorite Cheezburger Employee Pet Halloween Costume!

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We rounded up some photos of our pets in Halloween costumes, and we want to know which one is your favorite!

THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE JUST ONE?!?!?! Stay tuned, Cheezfrends, because I will be asking to see your pet costumes soon!

Today Was "Bring Your Dog Friday" at Cheezburger HQ!

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Big dogs! Little dogs! ALL THE DOGS! It sure was a great day to be at Cheezburger Headquarters. Unless you're not a dog person. But isn't everyone? BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THEIR CUTE FACES!

Cheezburger Celebrates National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

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October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and being huge animal lovers, the employees of Cheezburger have put together a wonderful blog post highlighting the beautiful shelter dogs that are part of our family!

BONUS FUN: One of our newest shelter dogs is in need of a name, and we'd love to hear your suggestions. See pictures and leave your ideas in the comments on the blog post!

Do you have a shelter dog? Share links and stories in the comments below or at the Cheezburger blog!