A Propurr Burial

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I Has A Hotdog: Capitán the Dedicated Dog

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When Capitán's owner, Miguel Guzmán of Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina, died in 2006, the dog kept a loyal vigil at Miguel's grave... for six years! This dedicated dog refuses to leave the cemetery to this day. Now that is devotion.

Hector Baccega, the administrator of the Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba cemetery, told the press that Capitán has won the affection and respect of all the cemetery caretakers, who always make sure he's properly fed and up-to-date with his immunizations. At one point they even brought in a vet, after Capitán showed up with a broken leg. Baccega says Capitán walks with him through the cemetery every day, but as night approaches, he always returns to Miguel's graveside and lays his head down next to the headstone. He feels this amazing dog is teaching humans a valuable lesson about cherishing the memory of their loved ones.

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