Caption Pompous Albert - The Adorable Angry Cat!

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Pompous Albert is always watching you and he's angry about it. This handsome cat has been making the rounds and everyone can't get enough of his face, curly locks (which is a trait of his breed- the Selkirk Rex) and those eyes that see right through your soul.

We want you to caption Pompous Albert with your best caption and submit it to us by 12pm on Friday, 3/20. Tap the "Remix" button below, caption his pic and add the hashtag #PompousAlbert. You can vote for all the captions here and we'll post up our favorites on Friday afternoon. Now go caption your heart out or Pompous Albert will get even angrier.

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Caption this Lizard!

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Sometimes a picture turns up that simply demands a caption contest.

Submit your caption of this photo through the weekend and we'll post up some of the best submissions on Monday 2/9!

Make sure you are logged into your profile when submitting so you can get all the glory. Click here to see all of the submissions and up vote your favorites.

Happy captioning!

In Honor of Save The Koala Day, Let's Caption This Koala!

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September 24 is International Save The Koala Day, and we thought we'd share this article by Take Part that gives a glimpse into the lives of koalas and some of nature's other incredible creatures.

You can join in today's Save the Koala Day by captioning this marsupial's photo now. Use our builder by clicking the image and adding your best caption by 12pm PT Friday, 9/26. The top entries will be published on Saturday morning for you to vote and decide which were the best!

If you don't have a caption to enter, you can still click here to read and vote on all the captioned submissions.