Uh Oh, Looks Like Turkeys Know What Holiday is Coming Up Next

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In Wallingford, Connecticut, the turkeys eat YOU for dinner.

"Fred" and "Ethel" have been spotted chasing cars and causing havoc in the streets nearly every morning by commuters.

Either way, these turkeys won't be going in an oven without a fight!

Who Would Have Thought a Canadian Woman and a Squirrel Would Capture a Flawless Selfie?

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Stacey Wallace, 28, from Vancouver, took this amazing selfie at Lightning Lake in British Columbia's Manning Park.

"In order to get the selfie I laid on the ground meters away from the squirrel and slowly crawled towards him until I got close enough so that we were both in the shot. I took all the photos with my iPhone front camera.

I also coerced it with raw nuts to come out of his hole. You can see the nut sitting in front of his face.

The little guy also allowed me to hold it. It's actually a ground squirrel I think. But they burrow in holes so that's more like a gopher."

Congrats Stacey, your perfect selfie is perfect.