Hulk the 175-Pound Pit Bull is a Gentle Giant

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Hulk might look like he would eat you whole, but this massive 18-month old, 175-pound pit bull is actually one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet, according to his owners.

Marlon Granna and his wife Lisa run Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, a kennel that breeds and trains pit bulls to be used as protection for a number of clients including the police and the government.

But even though Hulk and the other animals are trained to be ruthless guard dogs, he lets the couple's 3-year old son cuddle up and play with him.

"They're dogs, just like any other dog," says Lisa Grannan. "No matter what the breed, it's all completely on how you raise them."

A video of Hulk being weighed on a scale went viral last month and is now at over 7 million views, and in addition to the Barcroft TV feature above, he recently made a trip to New York to do the media rounds with "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition."

Marlon says he has been offered hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who want to buy the dog, but he would never sell him for any amount.

You can check out more clips of Hulk on their YouTube page and keep up with him on the Dark Dynasty K9 Facebook page or Instagram account.

This Clever Little Pig Can Match These Puzzle Pieces Together Before You're Done Saying 'Awwwww'

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These Two Raccoons Get Busy in a Family’s Backyard

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A couple of raccoons recently put on a show for an unsuspecting family, and they caught whole the whole dirty deed on video.

The kids don’t quite seem to know what’s going on, and one of them thinks the animal is performing the Heimlich maneuver.

“Whoa they’re wrestling,” says one of the boys.

“They’re doing more than wrestling, I think,” replies the dad.

Animal of the Day: Octopus Tries to Escape Seattle Aquarium

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An octopus recently tried and failed to make a break for it at the Seattle Aquarium.

The 8-legged beast climbed up his tank and nearly made it over the edge before a member of the staff thwarted his plans.

He was probably just hungry and headed for the crab tank. Or he was jealous of some his cellmates who were recently granted their freedom.

A few weeks ago, the aquarium successfully mated Franklin and Hazel who met on an octopus “blind date” before releasing them back into the wild.

Here’s video footage of the two being set free below a pier.