Squee Spree Winner: Red Fox

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And the red fox finishes first by a whisker! It was a close match but congrats to the red fox for being this week's winner. Check back Friday for another round of voting.

Squee Spree: Red Panda vs. Red Fox

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Top image via: National Geographic

Bottom image via: National Geographic

Today's Squee Spree is between the red panda and the red fox. Will the sleek red fox win, or will it be the cuddly red panda? You decide! Check back Monday for the winner.

Squee Spree! What will it be?

Squee Spree: Red Fox vs. Arctic Fox

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Squee Spree! What will it be? For this week's Squee Spree versus we have the battle of the foxy squees! Which do you prefer, red or white?

Vote in our poll and be sure to check back Monday to see who won!

-Sally Squeeps