Creepicute: Mammoth Moth

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On one hand this moth is quite pretty, and arguably cute. On the other hand, IT'S AS BIG AS YOUR OTHER HAND, MAYBE BIGGER!!!

So what do you squeeps think, is this moth creepy or cute?

-Sally Squeeps

Creepicute: Red Fuzzy Wuzzy

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At first glance this moth seems cute and fuzzy! But on closer examination the eyes and antennae seem a little creepy. Can't make up my mind whether or not I would want to pet him - what do you squeeps think?

Creepicute: Like a Moth to Fluff

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Squee lovers, this week's creepicute contestant is of the insect variety, which I know is an instant creep-out for some of you... but I don't know, something about this fluffy moth tickles at my squee heartstrings!

What are your thoughts on this fluffy little insect friend?

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