Reader Squee: Kodiak's Socks

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By Jacqueline Aldana
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Jacqueline Aldana says: "This is my Alaskan Malamute puppy and my best friend, Kodiak. I go to college far from home, and each time I return my big boy welcomes me with plenty of kisses and this time, a silly pair of socks."

What a squeedorable puppy! It's nice to know someone is lovingly waiting for you to come home again, that's a loyal friend.

-Sally Squeeps

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Playtime in the Frost

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Ohhhhh puppy! I know we don't normally have doggies over here but I couldn't resist this ball of fluff!


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"My baby girl, an Alaskan Malamute, at 6 weeks old laying on her mama's tail. It was hard to decide which picture was most squee-worthy, but I believe this is where cute-ocity reached critical mass."