Reader Squee: Keyboard

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Kodyxoxo says: "Little Beck trying to help me work."

Hmmm, I hate to break this to you Beck, but you might be in the way more than you're actually helping... Awww but who cares? You're so squee!

  • Sally Squeeps

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Acting Like Animals: Virtuosity At Work

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Mrrr, what? Oh, um, no, I wasn't sleeping! No, I was just... I was just trying to find a sense of "oneness" with this keyboard, because that's always what I do whenever I begin work on a new composition! Genius CAN come overnight, you know... it just usually involves a bit of sleeping and dreaming.

Can I Has Your Attention Please?

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In the battle of computer and adorable pet bird, there can be only one winner of human affection. And I think the bird is pretty far ahead in this competition.

Moar gifs over here!

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