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Our submitter says: "Fenix was a little skeptical about the fuzzy squeaky thing in his lap. Indy (the rat) however, had no such reservations and immediately began grooming his new friend."

Don't be afraid, Fenix! He's just helping you out!

Do you have a squee pet that you want to share with the world? Send us your pet pictures and stories, and they could end up on Daily Squee!

Mashable remade 'Friends' with hamsters.
Via: Mashable
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Do you know that Mashable remade your favorite 90s sitcom Friends with hamsters?

Well they did.

Don't think too hard about this one. Just sit back and enjoy the weekend.

Mashable does this often. They had hamsters throw a tiki party, had them eat tiny burritos and celebrate Valentine's Day.

They probably just found a box of them in an alley a few years ago and are trying to ensure they lead happy lives.

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