Squee Spree: Tarsier vs. Bush Baby

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Today's featured cuties are two tiny yet fierce nocturnal predators. Both creatures have large ears and eyes to help them track their prey in dark jungle nights. With each having similar characteristics that include a soft fluffy coat begging to be stroked, the two animals come from different areas of the world. While a majority of bush babies can be found in areas of Africa, the tarsier reigns in the islands of Southeast Asia.

Now it's your turn to make a decision! Tell us which is your favorite of these tiny primates and check back next Tuesday for the results!

Squee Spree: You Decide Your Favorite!

Squee Spree: Galago vs. Sugar Glider

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Squee Spree! What will it be? For this week's Squee Spree versus we have two tiny, squeedorable, balls of fluff! Galagos (also known as the bushbabies) are small, nocturnal primates native to continental Africa, while sugar gliders are marsupials from Australia capable of gliding through the air, similar to flying squirrels. Which makes you squee?

Be sure to check back Monday to see who won!

-Sally Squeeps

Newborn Bush Babies

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These newborn Bush Babies are curious and ready to explore the world. If you have any advice for them, they're all ears!

  • Sally Squeeps