Who Will Win? U.S.A. OR U.S.A? The Answer is AMERICA.

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The gold medal match for beach volleyball features Team U.S.A. against TEAM U.S.A!

If you tune in right now you'll see Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh versus Jen Kessy and April Ross in a match to determine who gets the gold. Spoiler alert: An American wins. GRAB SOME DORITOS AND PLANT YOUR BUTT IN FRONT OF A SCREEN, ITS AN TEAM U.S.A. SHOWDOWN, BOYS AN' GIRLS.


May-Treanor and Walsh took their third straight gold in two sets in what ended up being a very anticlimactic showdown. Congrats, ladies!

Vintage Wasted

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I don't think we'll see this sport at London 2012 this summer. Could they maybe do beer pong at least?

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