And Relay Makes Three for Bolt in a WORLD RECORD RACE

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The US gave them a run (HA!) for their money, but Jamaica proved their sprinting dominance. Usain Bolt, Jamaica's anchor (last runner in the relay) snagged his third gold medal in the London games.

It all came down to an anchor sprint between Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt. For about four seconds it they were neck and neck -- and then Bolt remembered he was the fastest man in history. He easily pulled ahead to finish Jamaica's relay with a time of 36.85 seconds.

This marks Bolt's sixth Olympic gold.

US Women Win 4x400m Relay

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The US shot for six relay titles in a row - and boy did they get it.

The US Women had a phenominal night last night too. They smashed the 4x100m relay record with a time of 40.82, more than a half-second better than a record that had stood for 27 years.

Today's 4x400m record left Team US with the fourth fastest 4x400m relay time in history, with a final time of 3:16.88. These girls were dominant from start to finish, with Russia and Jamaica finishing in second and third.

Mo Farah Wins 5k - Now Seventh Man Ever to Win Both 10k and 5k in Same Olympics

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It wasn't a race he was expected to win, but with the passion of the crowd and the world watching, Mo Farah made history once again.

Mo Farah now joins the ranks of only six other men to ever win both the 5k run and the 10k in the same Olympics. His last lap was clocked in at 52 seconds and, surrounded by five other racers just behind him, Mo managed to pull away while gritting his teeth to secure gold with a final time of 13:41:66.

Going into the race, Mo was ranked as 11th in the world. This monumental victory was simply electric to watch, and will surely solidify Mo Farah's place as one of running's greatest.

Russian High Jumper Loses Jersey, Wins Gold in a T-Shirt

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Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov was sweating bullets.

Just before his 2.33 meter attempt, he took off his competition jersey. And then lost it. He frantically searched for his jersey before an official pointed out the t-shirt nearby. Donning his temporary uniform, Ukhov sailed over the bar, and then returned to search for the jersey.

Ukhov found it before the end of the competition, and then won the gold anyways.

Twins Make 400m Finals and We're Confused Already

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Jonathan and Kevin Borlee of Belgium have both qualified for the men's 400m finals tomorrow. And yes, they are identical twins.


Let's Wait and See if Lightning Strikes...

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How do you follow an evening like no other? Great Britain had it's night of nights yesterday, but when a true Olympic inspiration and the fastest man on earth are two of the hundreds competing on the same stage, this night becomes a night not just for Great Britain, but the world.

Welcome to night two of Track and Field.