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After Tom Daly took bronze in the 10m diving competition, pretty much everybody from Team GB diving jumped in the pool.

Pool parties are the highest form of celebration. The second and third highest forms of celebration are P Diddy's White Parties and tea parties (with actual tea). It is known.


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The penultimate night of the Olympics closed with Men's 10m Diving Finals!

David Boudia of Team USA wins gold!

Tom Daly of Team GB wins bronze! (First UK diving medal since 1960!)


Mo Farah Wins 5k - Now Seventh Man Ever to Win Both 10k and 5k in Same Olympics

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It wasn't a race he was expected to win, but with the passion of the crowd and the world watching, Mo Farah made history once again.

Mo Farah now joins the ranks of only six other men to ever win both the 5k run and the 10k in the same Olympics. His last lap was clocked in at 52 seconds and, surrounded by five other racers just behind him, Mo managed to pull away while gritting his teeth to secure gold with a final time of 13:41:66.

Going into the race, Mo was ranked as 11th in the world. This monumental victory was simply electric to watch, and will surely solidify Mo Farah's place as one of running's greatest.

Today's Medal Count: Yay English Speaking Countries!

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The United States is now FIRST in our medal count thanks to Track and Field events!

Australia FINALLY cracked the top ten!

And Great Britain remains in third, continuing their most successful Olympic run ever!

HOORAY FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES! In honor of English, here are some ENGLISH FACTS! In addition to being the most widespread language in the world, English also has one of the largest vocabularies, but the letter combination "ough" can be pronounced in eight different ways. Also, since you're reading this right now, we can assume you also speak English. NICE WORK!

Today's Medal Count: Great Britain's Great Gold Rush

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Britain is experiencing its biggest haul of gold medals since 1908. While expected superpowers China and U.S.A. continue their unsurprising struggle for Olympic dominance, Team G.B. has swung from behind to deliver their country's most successful Olympics in history. Here's to the home team!

Beth Tweddle Wins First Women's Gymnastics Individual Medal for Britain

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After an emergency knee surgery in May, Beth was nearly unable to compete in the Summer Olympics. At 27, she is also one of the oldest female gymnasts in the competition. After coming in fourth in Beijing, Beth considered retirement. But after buckling down and continuing to compete, she found herself on the national stage and won her bronze medal in the uneven bars.

Her routine was punctuated by the inclusion of her signature, orginal move -- the 'Tweddle' -- which includes flying over the bar and catching it again with arms crossed.

"I wasn't bothered what colour it was. I saw myself in third and I thought, 'please don't be fourth again'. I just can't put into words what it means to me," Tweddle said. "I will definitely miss all the competitions and the atmosphere, but I won't miss the training."
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