Olympic Shenanigans: Algerian Medal Contender Banned From Competition

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The Olympic shenanigans continue today, as Algerian 1500m runner Taoufik Makhloufi was told he wouldn't be allowed to compete in any further competition after not providing a "bona fide effort" in the 800m quarterfinals.

Makhloufi won his heat of the 1500m quarterfinals on Friday and unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw from the 800m in order to keep his legs fresh for a medal run in his main event. 200 meters into his heat of the 800, he slowed down and then "wandered across the infield."

According to an IAAF spokesperson, there's a chance the Algerian can be reinstated pending a "medical certificate from a local doctor."

Really, Ref?!

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In what universe is that not a red card?!

In today's Senegal vs Mexico game, Senegal defender Pape Souare straight-up kicked Hector Herrera in the face. OUCH.

Souare was handed a yellow card for the offense, and Senegal went on to lose to Mexico 4-2.

Olympic Shenanigans: And So It Continues

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In an Olympics that has seen badminton players disqualified for throwing matches and boxers being given favor on the strength of bribes, we have yet another controversy, this time in cycling.

At the start of the men's cycling track final, British biker Philip Hindes noticed he was falling behind. Conveniently he "crashed," leading to a race restart and his eventual victory. After the race Hindes had this to say:

"I just crashed, I did it on purpose to get a restart, just to have the fastest ride. I did it. So it was all planned, really,"

In a not at all suspicious turn of events, he amended his comments to say that he lost control of his bike.

The IOC later cleared the British cycling team, stating that "best efforts were made." Apparently they've changed the definition of "best efforts," because getting a race to restart just because you're losing doesn't exactly seem like that to us.

More Olympic Shenanigans: This One is Frighteningly Corrupt

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Last September, charges emerged alleging that Azerbaijan had bribed the international boxing organization (AIBA) millions of dollars to ensure gold medals for their fighters in the 2012 Olympics.

After conducting an internal investigation, the AIBA president Wu Ching-Kuo determined that the allegations were "totally untrue and ludicrous." But then the fight pictured to the left happened.

Japanese boxer Satoshi Shimizu took his Azer opponent Magomed Abdulhamidov to the mat not three, not four, but five times. After a fifth knockdown, the rules state that a fight should be ended in favor of the fighter not getting beaten to the ground repeatedly. Instead the referee allowed time to expire rather than calling the fight.

As Shimizu awaited the final tally, he felt assured that his complete battering of Abdulhamidov had been enough to give him a wide margin of victory. Instead, the score came back with the Azer fighter winning 22-17 despite barely landing ten punches over three rounds.

After an appeal issued by the Japanese Olympic Committee, the fight was eventually given to Shimizu, but not in time to avoid showing the whole world a competition where officials blatantly favored a country waist-deep in allegations of bribery.

The NBC commentators astutely observed that "everyone here should look at themselves and realize why this sport is considered a joke at this point."

South Korean Fencer Awarded Special Medal, Tells Governing Body to Shove It

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If you'll remember from a couple days ago, an inconsolable Shin A Lam refused to leave the piste after a judge ruled that time had actually not expired (after it almost definitely had), leading to her opponent scoring another point to win the semifinal match.

Fencing's governing body then offered to award Lam a "special medal" recognizing her "aspiration to win and respect for the rules." In response, Lam promptly told them they could take their special medal and shove it.

"It does not make me feel better because it's not an Olympic medal. I don't accept the result because I believe it was a mistake."

The Korean team filed a protest to no avail, stating that they "can't agree with the decision of the referee."