Teddy Riner, Gold Medalist in Judo for Team GB, is also a Flawless Kanye West Lookalike

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Teddy Riner of France won gold in 100kg Judo today, completing his personal set of bronze, silver, and now gold Olympic medals.

With a record-breaking five world championship titles, Riner is easily Judo's biggest star.

Which is all wonderful, of course, but we here at Roflympics couldn't help but notice that Teddy LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE KANYE WEST. EXACTLY. Could it be that in between albums 'Ye moonlights as a Judo superstar...? It's not exactly plausible, but then we realized that Kanye West probably doesn't win a lot of fistfights out on the streets. Ah well. At least his music is gold.

Brazilian Bronze Medalist Breaks Medal in the Shower

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If you won an Olympic medal, would you take it off for anything? Felipe Katadai refused to and paid the price, breaking his in the shower. Said a team spokesperson:

"He was taking a shower with the medal when he dropped it. He then slept with the medal and realized later that it was broken. It wasn't a very smart thing to do."

Thankfully the IOC gave Katadai a replacement medal, probably with strict instructions to keep it in one piece. THIS IS THE LAST ONE YOU GET, SIR.

Saudi Judo Champ Will Be Allowed to Wear Hijab During Competition

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There's already been a fair amount of controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabian Olympic squad, as this is the been the first time they've allowed women to compete.

And by "allowed women to compete" we of course mean "sent two women that weren't allowed to amply prepare themselves for the highest level of competition in the world."

The controversy came to a head today, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled in favor of allowing Saudi Judo fighter Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani to wear a traditional hijab during competition.

This comes on the heels of the IOC pressing multiple Muslim nations to lift their ban on allowing women on their respective Olympic squads.