US Women Win 4x400m Relay

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The US shot for six relay titles in a row - and boy did they get it.

The US Women had a phenominal night last night too. They smashed the 4x100m relay record with a time of 40.82, more than a half-second better than a record that had stood for 27 years.

Today's 4x400m record left Team US with the fourth fastest 4x400m relay time in history, with a final time of 3:16.88. These girls were dominant from start to finish, with Russia and Jamaica finishing in second and third.

Mo Farah Wins 5k - Now Seventh Man Ever to Win Both 10k and 5k in Same Olympics

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It wasn't a race he was expected to win, but with the passion of the crowd and the world watching, Mo Farah made history once again.

Mo Farah now joins the ranks of only six other men to ever win both the 5k run and the 10k in the same Olympics. His last lap was clocked in at 52 seconds and, surrounded by five other racers just behind him, Mo managed to pull away while gritting his teeth to secure gold with a final time of 13:41:66.

Going into the race, Mo was ranked as 11th in the world. This monumental victory was simply electric to watch, and will surely solidify Mo Farah's place as one of running's greatest.

¡Viva México! Mexico WINS Men's Soccer in 2-1 Match Against Brazil!

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Team Mexico got off to an amazing start by scoring a goal within the first 29 SECONDS of the match -- the fastest score in the Olympics since record-keeping started in 1976.

Brazil left the match understandably disappointed. Although the country is more or less the Mecca for soccer, they have never won an gold medal in the sport.

After the incredible first goal, Mexico held onto their lead into the halfway mark. Mexican striker Oribe Peralta also scored the second goal of the game in the 75th minute, securing the win for Mexico.

Traithlon Photo-Finish Gets Appealed

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Remember that crazy photo-finish from last week?

Sweden has appealed for a gold medal after Lisa Norden finished the women's triathlon at the same time as Nicola Spirig of Switzerland in a history near-tie for the grueling race.

The Swedes argue that it is not possible to distinguish exactly who is further in the photo, and that both athletes should be awarded a gold medal and have the race be marked as a tie.

We here at Roflympics aren't exactly experts in photo-finishes or anything, but we gotta side with the Swedes. This is as close to a tie as you'll ever get in a long-distance race. What do you think?

Usain Bolt Takes Gold in 200m Jamaican Sweep

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Looks like the fastest man in the world will retain his double-gold crown in the 100 and 200m, as Usain Bolt cruised to victory in 19.32 seconds today.

The Jamaicans came away with a clean sweep, as Yohan Blake and Warren Weir took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

After finishing, Bolt was up to usual antics, dropping to the ground to do pushups followed by him commandeering a camera to point it at the flood of photographers that surrounded him.

Wenlock then gifted Bolt with yet another golden plush effigy as he led the Jamaican sprinter off. No reports yet on whether or not Bolt's been seen since, but we assume the part-time Olympic mascot and fulltime hellbeast is looking to perform some sort of Space Jam-esque talent-thieving ritual.

U.S. Women Win Gold in Soccer

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In a 2-1 victory over Japan, the U.S. Women claimed a gold medal in front of a nearly sold out Wembley Stadium. This game was more or less a rematch of last years' World Cup final, where Japan beat the U.S.

Midfielder Carly Lloyd scored BOTH goals for the U.S. starting with a goal in the eighth minute. Japan pushed back, finally managing to score in the 64th minute. Japan continued to gain momentum thanks to a passionate crowd, but the American ladies held their ground and kept Team Japan at bay.

With the exception of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the U.S. ladies have won the gold in women's soccer in every Games since it became an Olympic sport in 1996. That's my kind of track record.