God Save the Queen

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Prince Harry being adorable during the British National Anthem :)

Olympics Round-Up: The Penultimate Party

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Can the Olympics be all the time?

Today was the last full day of competition, and what a way to go out in style. We started out with the huge news that Mexico beat Brazil in soccer and were reminded of the dangers of Racewalking.

Usain Bolt secured Jamaica a relay world record and the US ladies continued to tear up the track.

The most exciting competition of the night came on the track and in the pool with Mo Farah and the Men's Diving Competition.

All in all? A great way to end a fantastic Summer Games.


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The penultimate night of the Olympics closed with Men's 10m Diving Finals!

David Boudia of Team USA wins gold!

Tom Daly of Team GB wins bronze! (First UK diving medal since 1960!)


Olympic Round-Up: So Many Things to Consider

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No Earth-shattering news from today, but let us consider the following.

Triathlon medals have been appealed and will be subject to more photographic scrutiny.

Ryan Lochte's ridiculousness has leaked off onto a pair of glasses that you can actually buy starting in mid-August. Also, apparently his nickname is Reezy? Really?

The real news came out of Track and Field though, with plenty of firsts and flubs.

However, the issue that has us scratching our heads... how didn't we think of THIS first?

Who Will Win? U.S.A. OR U.S.A? The Answer is AMERICA.

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The gold medal match for beach volleyball features Team U.S.A. against TEAM U.S.A!

If you tune in right now you'll see Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh versus Jen Kessy and April Ross in a match to determine who gets the gold. Spoiler alert: An American wins. GRAB SOME DORITOS AND PLANT YOUR BUTT IN FRONT OF A SCREEN, ITS AN TEAM U.S.A. SHOWDOWN, BOYS AN' GIRLS.


May-Treanor and Walsh took their third straight gold in two sets in what ended up being a very anticlimactic showdown. Congrats, ladies!

Olympic Round-Up: Today Was SO INSPIRING

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Today didn't get off to a great start, as the nation now mourns the death of Rafalca's Olympic dream in dressage. But then things took a turn for the inspirational (as well as iconic) after Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang finished his race on one leg after injuring his achilles on the first hurdle.

Later on, Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov won gold in his event after somehow losing his jersey, forcing him to compete in a t-shirt. Shortly after, we saw some amazing post-win celebrations from German thrower Robert Harting and Australian hurdler Sally Pearson.

The day closed out with Leo Manzano becoming the first American to medal in the 1500 meter race since Jim Ryun in 1968. An uplifting day to say the least.

Oh, How the Times Have Changed

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A brief note on what you're looking at here.

Over the last sixty years gymnastics has seen massive changes in equipment, and some of the most drastic changes have been on the vault. The goal now is not so much as to get over the vault as it is to use it as a means to propel yourself off of it. Springboards have gotten more effective, and the new design of the vault (also called 'The Table) creates more surface area for a safer, springier vault.

Gymnastics has gotten more extreme, but that is largely due to more sophisticated apparatuses, a smaller focus on dance elements, and a greater emphasis on tumbling technique.