Traithlon Photo-Finish Gets Appealed

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Remember that crazy photo-finish from last week?

Sweden has appealed for a gold medal after Lisa Norden finished the women's triathlon at the same time as Nicola Spirig of Switzerland in a history near-tie for the grueling race.

The Swedes argue that it is not possible to distinguish exactly who is further in the photo, and that both athletes should be awarded a gold medal and have the race be marked as a tie.

We here at Roflympics aren't exactly experts in photo-finishes or anything, but we gotta side with the Swedes. This is as close to a tie as you'll ever get in a long-distance race. What do you think?

More Olympic Shenanigans: Iranian Boxer Disqualified

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Bizarre stuff in the boxing ring today. Iranian boxer Ali Mazaheri was disqualified for some seemingly innocuous offences. According to the BBC,

He spent a few minutes standing in his corner of the ring, refusing to go to the middle so the referee could acknowledge (Jose) Larduet as the winner. Eventually he walked over to acknowledge the Cuban corner, before leaving the ring, ignoring both Larduet and the referee. "It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. It was a terrible refereeing display," says BBC commentator Richie Woodhall.

London Mayor Boris Johnson Got Stuck on a Zipline

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Our new favorite mayor got stuck on the zipline during an event at Victoria park. He was quoted as saying,

"Get me a rope, get me a ladder" after he was the first person to use the zip wire. He continued "I think the brakes got stuck".


Eight Chinese, Indonesian, and South Korean Badminton Players Disqualified for Trying to Lose

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The federation found the players guilty of "not using one's best efforts to win a match" and "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport" in matches Tuesday night.

In order to win a more favorable draw, players from the three teams were attempting to throw their matches. The audience booed as it became obvious the players were not exerting themselves as much as they could.

The South Korean appeal was rejected, the Indonesian appeal was withdrawn, and no word on what the Chinese planned to do about the ruling.

South Korean Fencer Refuses to Leave the Piste

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A timing error in the last second of the gold medal bout between South Korean Shin A Lam and German Britta Heidemann led to a twenty minute delay and Shin refusing to leave the piste.

Heidemann needed a touch on Lam to win. Shin would have advanced if the round had tied. The clock got stuck at 1, and Heidemann used the extra seconds to score. Officials then congregated for an extended period of time, and eventually awarded the win to the German.

Lam was inconsolable, and refused to leave until she was escorted out. The Korean team is submitting an appeal.

Fun fact: In order to submit an appeal to the Olympic committee, you have to pay a cash deposit. Cash deposit must be submitted by mahogany chest in a drawn horse and carriage. Because we live in 1908.

Huge Drama in Men's Gymnastics Team Finals

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Men's Gymnastics provided London 2012's first edge-of-your-seat upset.

Thanks to back-to-back spectacular floor routines, Great Britain fought its way up to second place in the rankings behind China, while the Ukraine came in third. This marks the first time Team GB Men's Gymnastics had ever made it to the playoffs, let alone been in contention for a team medal.

Japan's Kohei Uchimura needed to score more than a 13.5 on the pommel horse to secure a spot for Team Japan in the top 3. Uchimura is currently ranked as the #1 gymnast in the world. After initially scoring a 13.4, missing out on third place by only THREE TENTHS OF A POINT, the stadium errupted into cheers as Team GB had won the silver medal.

Team Japan challenged the score, and after five excruciating minutes, the judges rewarded Uchimura and Team Japan a higher score. The stadium errupted into boos and cheers, and all teams looked deeply affected.

Ukraine had now lost a medal, Team GB was now in third, and Japan had scored the silver medal.

TLDR: Drama over the score of the #1 Gymnast in the world led to a shakeup of medal results, Great Britain won their first in Men's Team Gymnastics (in the modern Olympics), Ukraine got bumped down to fourth, China won gold.