NBC Commentators Asked to Leave Arena After Disrupting Officials

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Olympic Officials confirmed that they asked NBC Commentators to leave the boxing arena after their ringside commentary continued to disrupt officials. They were offered a booth with the other media commenters, but decided to leave instead.

"They claimed that since no boxers from the USA were still in the running, they didn't want to stay anyway." an official said

More Olympic Shenanigans: This One is Frighteningly Corrupt

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Last September, charges emerged alleging that Azerbaijan had bribed the international boxing organization (AIBA) millions of dollars to ensure gold medals for their fighters in the 2012 Olympics.

After conducting an internal investigation, the AIBA president Wu Ching-Kuo determined that the allegations were "totally untrue and ludicrous." But then the fight pictured to the left happened.

Japanese boxer Satoshi Shimizu took his Azer opponent Magomed Abdulhamidov to the mat not three, not four, but five times. After a fifth knockdown, the rules state that a fight should be ended in favor of the fighter not getting beaten to the ground repeatedly. Instead the referee allowed time to expire rather than calling the fight.

As Shimizu awaited the final tally, he felt assured that his complete battering of Abdulhamidov had been enough to give him a wide margin of victory. Instead, the score came back with the Azer fighter winning 22-17 despite barely landing ten punches over three rounds.

After an appeal issued by the Japanese Olympic Committee, the fight was eventually given to Shimizu, but not in time to avoid showing the whole world a competition where officials blatantly favored a country waist-deep in allegations of bribery.

The NBC commentators astutely observed that "everyone here should look at themselves and realize why this sport is considered a joke at this point."

More Olympic Shenanigans: Iranian Boxer Disqualified

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Bizarre stuff in the boxing ring today. Iranian boxer Ali Mazaheri was disqualified for some seemingly innocuous offences. According to the BBC,

He spent a few minutes standing in his corner of the ring, refusing to go to the middle so the referee could acknowledge (Jose) Larduet as the winner. Eventually he walked over to acknowledge the Cuban corner, before leaving the ring, ignoring both Larduet and the referee. "It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. It was a terrible refereeing display," says BBC commentator Richie Woodhall.