Olympic Round-Up: LONDON 2012 ABRIDGED

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Wind up in a coma over the last three weeks? HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LONDON 2012 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES.

Usain Bolt remained the fastest man alive, Michael Phelps confirmed that he's a child of Atlantis, and USA Gymnastics came out on top.

Then there was Mo Farah helping Team GB have the most wining Track and Field Olympics ever, Americans ran with broken legs, races were run by men with different legs, and hurdles were not necessarily overcome.

Men flew and the world sang and we briefly turned to the stars.

There were shenanigans and spectacular accomplishments. Victories for both teams and individuals, and sometimes and entire country will stand up and cheer.

Although we had fun rooting for silly things sometimes, this has truly been a Summer Games to remember.

Olympics Round-Up: The Penultimate Party

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Can the Olympics be all the time?

Today was the last full day of competition, and what a way to go out in style. We started out with the huge news that Mexico beat Brazil in soccer and were reminded of the dangers of Racewalking.

Usain Bolt secured Jamaica a relay world record and the US ladies continued to tear up the track.

The most exciting competition of the night came on the track and in the pool with Mo Farah and the Men's Diving Competition.

All in all? A great way to end a fantastic Summer Games.

Olympic Round-Up: So Many Things to Consider

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No Earth-shattering news from today, but let us consider the following.

Triathlon medals have been appealed and will be subject to more photographic scrutiny.

Ryan Lochte's ridiculousness has leaked off onto a pair of glasses that you can actually buy starting in mid-August. Also, apparently his nickname is Reezy? Really?

The real news came out of Track and Field though, with plenty of firsts and flubs.

However, the issue that has us scratching our heads... how didn't we think of THIS first?

Olympic Round-Up: Y'Done Good

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Today was not too shabby. Not too shabby indeed.

Cyprus won their first medal ever in sailing, while Beth Tweddle won another first for Team GB. Algeria done goofed while Team USA won a super crazy game of soccer to qualify for gold.

Good stuff, 'Lympics. Good stuff.


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Today just reminded us how out of shape we are.

Usain Bolt continued to be the fastest man in the world, in an event where everyone knew who would win but watched anyways because the 100 meter is the MOST EXCITING RACE EVER.

Venus and Serena locked down over a decade of Olympic domination as another runner ran ridiculously fast and far. Not to mention more tennis awesomeness.

All these non-surprises still made for an awesome day of Olympics. If anyone needs us we'll be sobbing into our jars of Ranch Dip wishing we could run as fast as the slowest Olympian.

Let's Wait and See if Lightning Strikes...

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How do you follow an evening like no other? Great Britain had it's night of nights yesterday, but when a true Olympic inspiration and the fastest man on earth are two of the hundreds competing on the same stage, this night becomes a night not just for Great Britain, but the world.

Welcome to night two of Track and Field.

Olympic Round-Up: Good Show!

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Today got off to a lovely start!

Team GB made the home crowd very happy by winning five medals in five minutes in three different events. In the Gymnastics arena Gabby Douglas won women's all-around gold, solidifying Team U.S.A's grip on Women's Gymnastics.

We learned about terrible parents and shady shenanigans, but everything went golden again as Phelps won his first 2012 gold medal.

All in all? Plenty of good news out of today, definitely enough to merit the charming-as-hell reaction gif of the day.