NBC Commentators Asked to Leave Arena After Disrupting Officials

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Olympic Officials confirmed that they asked NBC Commentators to leave the boxing arena after their ringside commentary continued to disrupt officials. They were offered a booth with the other media commenters, but decided to leave instead.

"They claimed that since no boxers from the USA were still in the running, they didn't want to stay anyway." an official said

Brazilian Bronze Medalist Breaks Medal in the Shower

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If you won an Olympic medal, would you take it off for anything? Felipe Katadai refused to and paid the price, breaking his in the shower. Said a team spokesperson:

"He was taking a shower with the medal when he dropped it. He then slept with the medal and realized later that it was broken. It wasn't a very smart thing to do."

Thankfully the IOC gave Katadai a replacement medal, probably with strict instructions to keep it in one piece. THIS IS THE LAST ONE YOU GET, SIR.

Wrong Flag of the Day

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Our first Olympic Fail! Showing the South Korean flag for a North Korean player is the kind of faux pas you definitely don't want to make... especially when it's North Korea that is in the wrong.