Judge the Police Dog Receives a Hero's Tribute During His Final Vet Visit

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Judge is credited with entering the field over 280 times, assisting in the arrests of 152 people, the removal of three handguns from the streets, and he helped bring in over $47,000 in cash during his tenure.

When the 9-year old pup was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, his medical bills quickly built to over $10,000. The Woolwich Township allots $300 to the medical care of police animals. When the police station started a GoFundMe account for the little hero, $12,000 was raised in a single weekend and the battle was on.

Unfortunately, the disease finally caused a blockage in Judge's liver that wouldn't allow him to eat. Upon arriving at the vet Judge's handler Mike Frank said that though he was weak "he knew Judge would be able to walk into the hospital once he'd taken a bite grip on a training "sleeve." This was like a toy, or reward, for Judge. Several K-9 cops smiled and remarked that they knew Judge would be strong enough to walk in."

Judge's hero's procession continued inside as vet technicians lined up inside for him too.

Thank you Judge! See you at the bridge!

Is Sauerkraut Vying With Grumpy Cat for the Internet Throne?

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Sauerkraut's Instagram describes her as a "sour faced rescue kitten who wants nothing less than world domination."

There have been may competitors, but no one has taken the crown from everyone's favorite scowling kitty, Grumpy Cat.

You might think she's upset about her adorable sweater, but she actually wears clothes to help with her feline hyperesthesia, a condition that involves an abnormal increase in the sensitivity to different stimuli.

Despite her adorably angry little face, Sauerkraut is actually a loving kitty with a knack for giving us that aloof quality we crave from our feline celebrities. She has over 31,000 followers on Instagram so she must be doing something right.

For the record, the Queen Tardar Sauce herself has over 500k followers.

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