cats mouse friends The Most Adorable Cat-and-Mouse Game Ever Played
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Cat owner Paul Mealey of Ireland saw his two-year-old cat making an unusual new friend and documented the 20-minute play session in photos for the good of mankind. 

At first the cat, Lala, checks out her new friend. 

She even scares him a little.  You can't blame the mouse for jumping, when a giant decides to play with you it can be a little nerve-racking. 

Soon it's pretty clear that Lala means him no harm. 

And like old friends, they laugh together about the misunderstanding. 

Unfortunately, a love like theirs can't last.  The mouse walked away unscathed and they'll both remember each other fondly. 

Here's to you Lala and Stranger Mouse, we hope you meet again. 

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