Watch the Following These These Guys Get After Wearing Squeaky Shoes at a Dog Park

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Dogs love all things that squeak, so if you are wearing some squeaky toys, they are going to love you.

Although their owners might get a little peeved.

In this new prank, the guys from JStuStudios head into a dog park wearing squeaky shoes that make the annoying sound with every step, and the dogs inside can’t get enough of it.

The people actually didn’t seem to mind it that much, although if the video were any longer it would get a bit irritating to watch.

For their next trick: meat shoes?

Goggie Swag: Squeaky Zombie Foot

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This week we found an awesome undead squeaky toy that GAMAGO says will help "prep your pooch for the zombie apocalypse!" And let's be honest, if and when the zombies attack, wouldn't you feel comforted knowing that your goggie will be prepared?

The foot is made from squishy vinyl and comes with a squeaker. If you love it you can find out more about it here!