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Barrett Griner IV said he opened a jury summons addressed to "IV Griner," which is the name of his 5-year-old German Shepherd.
"It was just funny. I got mail for my dog. I hope that the judge finds it kind of humorous. That's all I need is to have the local county and judge think I'm making a mockery of his courtroom," said Griner.

Court officials in New Jersey's Cumberland County blame the mix up on a computer glitch. Mark Sprock, the local trial court administrator, said the court did not actually request that a dog serve on a jury. He said a computer probably misread Griner's numerical suffix IV as his first name.

"It probably picked up that IV, which is usually after his name, from one of the databases and put it into his first name slot in the jury system," Mr Sprock said.

At any rate, it sure would be funny if a dog were part of a jury. With our canine companions being so friendly, they would probably find all defendants innocent!

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I'm contacting the shelter. It's obvious there has been a mix-up, and I was adopted by some really common people. So far there has been a distinct lack of steak; the water in my bowl is anything but sparkling, and worst of all- there is a cat on the premises!

da prezident ob teh fancy dog society will heer ob dis!

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