I Can Has Cheezburger?


Liza Doolittle Protests!

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Turn The Flippin' Page Already!

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I've NEVER Had Such FUN!

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Kitteh Karolz- Wunerfulla, wunderfulla

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Tell Me How Pretty I Look On The Tree Or ELSE!

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Delivering the baked goods

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For Just This ONCE, I'm In The Christmas Spirit

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Not a Big Fan of Pears

pear tree christmas cat lol
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Meowy Catmas: Here's Some of Our Favorite Holiday Lolcats

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Although I Still Think He's A Little Devil For Climbing Up My Christmas Tree Every Year....

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Christmas....What a HUMBUG!

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My Cat's Melodramatic Response To Being Fed Generic Cat Food

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Warmest wishes this Christmas season

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Please Do Go On.....

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Cats Consider Themselves Experts When It Comes To Wrapping Gifts.

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She can be so sensitive about such details

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