Animal Comedy


I Put a Sign Up and Everything

angry annoyed glass loud Owl rules understand - 6412721920
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I Understand All Too Well

bears catch drop Gravity puns rescue tree understand - 6177347072
By UnseenFruitcake

I Ain't Lion

lion tree understand funny - 7716973568
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Did You Forget it's Our "Play Night"?

computer understand no lynx - 6742616320
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And You Can't Read Body Language Either

carry climbing do not want hand no tarsier understand - 6166690304
By Unknown

He Even Found a Mallet that Reached the Bottom of the Pool

flippers horse pool swimming understand - 5991977216
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I Will Never Understand Human Logic

confused dandelion Flower gorilla logic understand weed - 6218520576
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confidence feeling hedgehog lesson sniffing understand - 6575641600
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He's the Real 99%

misunderstood punk ugly understand - 5389826560
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