Animal Comedy


I Caught Him...

easter funny rabbits - 8148838144
By Xena_teh_Frogdog (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

A Great Animal Illusion

ducks illusion animals rabbits - 7887762944
By Unknown

And I Catch Every One of Them!

bunnies vegetables puns cute rabbits - 7888743424
See all captions By Unknown

Baby Carrots Are Too Tempting for a Baby Bunny

bunnies cute noms carrots rabbits - 8018828032
By Unknown

Terrific Tribble!

bunnies bunny doing it right impressions rabbits Star Trek - 5937292288
See all captions By Bookwyrm55

Your Garden Variety of Bunny Sex Puns

awesome bros bunnies high fives I Can Has Cheezburger innuendo rabbits score sex - 5259003648

There's a Hare in My Cereal

puns funny cereal rabbits - 8271598848
Via amazing-creature

They're Late...

alice in wonderland funny rabbits - 8053927168
By Unknown

Then...Then, That Means....

bunnies looney tunes scared hunting season rabbits - 6933496064
See all captions By mamawalker

Looks Can be Deliciously Deceiving

comics confused food pig rabbits - 8009406464
By Unknown

Misheard Song Lyrics Work Too

kitten puns cute bunny rabbits - 8281086720
See all captions By violetD
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