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Nine Delicious Animal Burritos So Cute You'll Want to Eat Them Up!

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The Grumpiest That Ever Lived

owls not impressed eating Grumpy Cat - 7041866496
See all captions By Patspen

Quick, Take a Picture and Send It

animals owls funny animals - 8538773760
See all captions By amathistblue

Takes All Kinds, I Suppose

girl hooters owls parents puns - 6074521344
See all captions By violetD

Owls Can't Comprehend the Magic of the Future

back to the future owls amazed magic - 7105504256
See all captions By IsabelBoo

Animal Capshunz: I Always Spill On Myself When I Wear White

bad day best of the week clean Hall of Fame last Owl owls Sad shirt shirts work - 6075473152
See all captions By weewazza17

As Long as it's Night Time

doom funny owls - 7502813184
See all captions By CompassSauce

Monty Python is a Hoot

monty python funny owls - 8241372416
See all captions By Sissy

Owl Shakes It Out

gifs critters owls - 8460367104
By ani.s4 (Via Vine)

Now They'll Eat All Your Candy

owls how many licks crowd told you - 7053160960
See all captions By GinnyKitty01

All Your Thoughts Seem to Be Upside Down...

birds funny stupid owls - 7986625280
By Mamaheahen600

Next Time Wear Leather

birds flying Hall of Fame Owl owls puns quotes sky terminator - 6277147648
See all captions By shanebc01

My Shift is Over...

bed birds cute owls sleep - 8026035456
By Unknown

Why Aren't You Getting it For Me?

leaning shoulder tired owls coffee sleeping need - 6755964672
See all captions By Midna_Nightfury

Hoo's Ready to Win?!

puns owls football - 7032251648
See all captions By OneSkunkTodd

The Target Will Never See Him Coming

birds captions disguise Owl owls shape - 6294793728
See all captions By betskand