Stray Cat Brings Her Kittens To Their Human Savior

Earlier in the summer, a fluffy cat appeared in Lisianne's garden in Canada. It looked lonely and hungry, so Lisianne put out some water and food for it. That was the start of the most wholesome friendship. Becoming fond of the cat, Lisianne named her Usagi, and continued caring for Usagi every day when she showed up in her garden. After a while, the kitty started getting bigger, but not from food. It was because she was pregnant. 

As reported by Unilad, a Facebook post by a local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, wrote: "This lady with a big heart for this cause was watching her, she put food and water in order to help her… a routine has settled between this kitty and her good fairy. With this routine, the lady gained her confidence and the kitty started getting closer."

Usagi, after giving birth outside, continued coming back to eat at Lisianne's, and soon, the gorgeous black cat brought her tiny kittens to Lisianne's porch, one by one, setting up a nest near the woman's house where she and her babies will be safe. Lisianne, being an absolute angel, decided to help the kittens further, getting them a room in with the local rescue group, and saving their lives. 

Lisianne decided to keep Usagi, a friend of hers adopted one of the babies, while the other five kittens stay at Chatons Orphelins Montréal and get treated, because it turns out that all five of the kittens had "breathing issues and conjunctivitis." They were treated for their issues are are now better, all thanks to the help of this one person who saved their lives.

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