Animal Comedy


This Game Must Get Really Confusing

you confusing geese me ducks literal - 6994502400
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I'd Chase the Monkey too if I Could

animals literal monkey squirrel - 8393748224
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Give Me That Banana... No Seriously, I Want a Banana

banana gorillas literal apes funny - 7941609216
By Unknown

Apparently, I'm irresistable

cute funny puns kitten literal - 8255661312
By echeg5

Hooray For Being Literal!

squirrel ice literal scared snow comfortable - 6621124352
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Why Yes. Yes I Am

climbing literal accurate sloth - 6644354048
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So You Better Not Wake Me Up

cub lion lion king literal rock simba sleeping - 6532449536
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I've Done Dumber Things

polar bear literal - 6623937024
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Can't Say it Isn't Effective

clothesline expression literal pants raccoon - 6500711424
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