Animal Comedy


The New Crocodile Hunter

crocodile demonstration gentlemen kill - 6102475520
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Sociopath Sloth

evil kill murder sloth whisper - 5936087296
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It's Not Very Realistic

cow evil insane kill run scary talking - 6421017856
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And The Chloroform Just in Case...

animals bathtub best of the week cat evil Hall of Fame I Can Has Cheezburger kill murderer - 5684409856
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I Will Obey!

polly parrots listening watermelon kill - 6955013120
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So Many Wonderful Methods

evil fennec fox how kill sinister - 6265828864
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We Should Put That on a Hallmark Card

animals creepy happiness happy i has a hotdog kill murder smiling - 5162626048
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Maybe We Can Train it To Bring Us Food

found too big human Owl pet eating kill followed me home - 6669254144
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