Animal Comedy


I'm Putting My Talons Down!

baby bird eat gross kids talons worm - 6167187456
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You Were, Weren't You?

eat lions nom suspicion talking - 6050558720
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He Seems Pretty Determined That it is...

baby cat child eat food human I Can Has Cheezburger infant kid kitten no noms - 5491809536
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Today is His Lucky Day

animals barbecue bbq eat food Harry Potter noms - 5683904256
Via the considerable illiterate

I Mean, I'll Eat It If You Won't

eat food hungry jerk koala nom - 5938564096
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Sloths Have a Very, Very Dark Streak

brains creepy cute die eat evil sloths wtf - 5932841216
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Eat First, Ask Questions Later

Cats eat fool green praying mantis vegetables - 6138132736
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Holy Hell Capshun Contest 2nd Runner Up!

caption contest eat eating holy hell koala koala bear noms - 5733168384
By Unknown

If Thats Your Sleeping Bag, Then What's In My Terrarium?!

eat food frog mouse nom sleep sleepover - 5913223936
By _AfterDarkness_

Terrence the Terrible Tortoise

banana children eat evil food hungry nom take over the world tortoise turtle - 6005422592
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Eat It Up

eat eating food gross husband married obese overweight wedding wife - 5676027392
By chiefnut


danger eat food Germany nom poison pretzel scary snake - 5931855616
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Subliminal Messaging?

cereal eat food historic lols noms vintage woman - 5490582272
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Hope You Like Italian!

adorable animals bunny dinner eat eating friends human noms rabbit - 5817401856
By Unknown

She Ain't Called "One Bite Betty" for Nothing!

eat flexible historic lols records whoa woman - 5461277696
By xyzpdq1

Hey Dudes, I'm Hungry Again...

eat food hungry North Korea Pundit Kitchen - 5619476992
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