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Animal of the Day: Nibbles the Duck Waits for Boy to Get Off School Bus

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ducks clumsy ducklings - 8250040832
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Leggo Mah Tongue!

ducks funny - 7670703360
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Just as Annoying in Real Life as They Are on the Internet

annoying first ducks tracks cement - 7088471808
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Oh, You Fancy, Huh?

animals birds costume dressed up ducks fancy geese I Can Has Cheezburger ladies - 5154578688
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A Little Wet But I Think It's Worth It

ducks tracks cement - 7107492096
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You're Not Even Supposed to Be This Far North Yet

go home you're drunk ducks ice - 7053595392
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We'll Get Him

proof ducks footprints - 6947846144
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An Introducktery Offer

ducks puns - 8266343168
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Come On, Think for a Second

fun of course ducks tracks walking cement - 6972760064
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Ever Since Then, I Feel... Different

ducks Cats mistake - 7015511552
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We're Gonna Get Through This Together

crossing the road ducks group holding up joke old joke traffic - 6220768512
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And All it Left Behind was a Rainbow

cat suddenly ducks Nyan Cat flying - 6989630208
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Don't Mind Me

wtf ducks tracks cement - 6966302976
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Don't Drink and Fly

go home you're drunk crashing snow falling ducks - 6976006144
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Willya STOP Following Me Around! I am NOT Your Mother!

animals following ducks moose funny - 8398509056
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