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Do You Want My Honest Answer or the Answer I Think You Want to Hear?

costume ducks dumb i has a hotdog pomeranians wtf - 5070680576
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It's Just One Big Steel Bird...

crazy planes ducks - 8106806784
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Why Does the Duckie Cross the Road

chicken confused cross the road duckling ducks fall joke parent - 6499143424
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Must Be One Hell of a Storm

ducks swimming toilet - 7104783616
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You Have to Make Sure Everyone is Here

kids ducklings ducks swimming come on moving parent stop counting - 6735535360
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Now Do it Again!

Aflac ducks ruined tracks walking cement - 6958279680
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Mowing is the Messiest Way to Clean Poo

ducks lawn - 8330443520
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No Ducks for Checkups

birds cash chickens ducks - 6429015296
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That's Why I Haven't Given Him a Name

ducklings ducks kids numbers parenting suspicious - 6406298112
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Buy It! Buy it Now!

insurance aggressive ducks close intimidating - 6925387264
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ducks cute Video - 73086977

This Family of Ducks Got to Safety With the Help of a Police Escort

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Where's Her Reality Show

ducklings ducks kids lots mom walking - 6534532864
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Sufferin' Succotash, You're Despicable

deal looney tunes accident ducks Cats - 7010901248
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Leggo Mah Tongue!

ducks funny - 7670703360
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More Like Floatin' and Quackin'

ducks floating haters quacking water - 6263307264
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We'll Get Him

proof ducks footprints - 6947846144
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