Animal Comedy


They Must Eat a lot of Fresh Fish

cat disguise food I Can Has Cheezburger noms raccoon raccoons sneaky - 5512436992
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Then We'll Make Our Escape

disguise escape lemurs plan zebra - 6390934016
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Clash of the Titans of Disguise

disguise meerkat owls group food they suspect nothing - 6861228288
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I Haz Mazk Tu. See?

cat disguise gang garbage mask name raccoons seriously - 6214001408
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You See, I Have a Mustache

disguise mustache mistaken monkey - 6693115648
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We Know

deer disguise pretending - 6475578880
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And Nobody Looks Through His Disguise

disguise guinea pigs superman - 8234261504
By Chris10a

Much More Than Crocodile Tears

crocodile disguise Cats funny - 8214635264
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Nobody but Us Big Hollywood Movie Stars!

disguise pig bacon - 8001149952
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I'm a Master of Blending Into My Surroundings!

Forest disguise FAIL bears cute funny - 8026379008
By Unknown

How Do They Keep Finding Me?

polar bear disguise patrick stewart facepalm paparazzi - 6614947584
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Where'd You Say You Were From?

captions disguise hunting lion suspicious water zebras - 6517315840
Via Reddit

This Mask Will Fool Them!

Cats cat food disguise funny steal raccoons - 7922130688
By Unknown

It's Amazing What a Mask Can do

Cats disguise raccoons - 8236307712
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Said the Snake Venomously

pretzel disguise come over here snake seems legit - 6840428288
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