Animal Comedy


Moo. The cow is a versatile creature. From milk to steak and even cash, they can do it all. But you should definitely buy the cow, no milk is free, and there's no such thing as free lunch. Let out a hoot at these bovine jokes and puns that will have you mooing.

I've Had a Couple Beers

alcohol best of the week booze cow cows drinking drunk Hall of Fame whoa - 5868093696
Via Did You Just Eat Sofa Pizza?

Effective Though

animals cow trainer chase bike - 8395341056
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I Will Avenge My Brethren

cheeseburger cow lettuce spying stalking trap - 6555464192
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Make a Splash

beach cow cows fear ocean scary swimming - 6284442368
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Why Hasn't This Saying Caught On?

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I'd Go Down, But Ironically...

cow chicken - 7151579392
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Did Anyone Bring Theirs?

band captions cow ladies song - 6509832448
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The Cows Aren't Thrilled with Either Activity

heavy cow bad idea true story lift - 8475184640
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I Can Has World Domination?

cow world domination - 7298016768
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You Don't Want Me to Moo-ve Myself Down There

cow stairs - 7460475648
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Hey Ladies

cow drugs horns - 8466593280
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I Didn't Say Stop!

cow bull cat chasing milk stealing - 6596386304
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Chances Are it Already Has

accident cow facebook luck stuck - 6234256640
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We Haven't Managed to Crack Their Defenses

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Or Any Other Kind of Burger!

Beef cheezburger cow eating no offended scared - 6142474752
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That's Some Fancy Pasture You Got There

clean cow moo Fluffy - 8394658816
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