Animal Comedy


I Can't Quite Put My Hoof on This Trickery

confused noms trick horse - 8456729600
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I Know All the Different Magics

animals Cats confused derp Harry Potter I Can Has Cheezburger wizards - 5238872064
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Maybe It's Musical Hide And Seek You're Playing

games hide and seek deer confused musical derp - 6787140608
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Or Why I'm Doing It

stuck chipmunk confused pipe i have no idea what im doing - 6647400960
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Your Flowery Perfume Just Adds Insult to Injury!

butterflies flowers confused funny tricked tattoos - 8023788032
By Unknown

I Think I was Switched at Birth

confused flying leaving mom nest no squirrel - 6051784192
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What's HIs Name?! Hoo is it?!

owls confused shocked funny - 7995421696
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animals batman Cats confused costume i has a hotdog pugs - 5043238400
By maxystone

Don't Worry, Me! I'm Here!

reflection me confused monkey drowning - 6742484736
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Can We Turn it Off Now?

asking cold confused lion snow what is this - 6384638464
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Why Does the Duckie Cross the Road

chicken confused cross the road duckling ducks fall joke parent - 6499143424
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Youtube FAIL

hedgehog stuck tube youtube FAIL confused are you sure toilet paper - 6620093952
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Cutest Identity Crisis Ever!

animals bamboo confused i has a hotdog panda species - 5069960960
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And Stop Calling Me Sam

cereal confused go away kids mascot no idea toucan - 6338504448
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I'm Stunned, Too!

cat confused cross eyed I Can Has Cheezburger - 5534778368
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Didn't Make the Left at Albuquerque

confused desert llama llamas lost out of place penguin penguins - 6137503232
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