Animal Comedy


Great...Now How Do I Get Rid of It?

attention birds creepy falcons Staring undivided - 6397688320
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Don't Be Silly; It's Working Already!

attention Leonard Nimoy puns roflrazzi Star Trek William Shatner - 5208609280
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Should've Picked the Green Wellies, Frank

attention captions chickens hens ignored ladies pink rooster shoes sneakers - 6408211968
By AngelAndz

Need Help Counting?

want Staring attention tootsie pop owls - 6875496704
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Bear with Me while I Explain

bears garbage attention - 8397649408
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Thanks for Being So Patient, Dad!

annoying attention bear bears child dad family kids look Other Animals - 6036953856
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You Wanted It, You got It

attention bull charging Staring undivided - 6394056704
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Why Do You Have to Make Everything About You?

you attention puns horses - 7080168192
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Attention! Attention!

attention car - 5677780736
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And They Are Just as Close as They Appear

attention cars distraction monkey objects in mirror side mirror - 6215980800
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I... I Knew That.

attention excuse me gopher mistake photographer prarie dog stupidity - 6363653632
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There's a Weird Guy Over There

attention bears camera guy looking mom weird - 6037723136
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I am Dang Cute When I Stand on my Hind Legs

attention fame gopher jealous photographer prarie dog - 6351410176
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Squirrls Don Do Math!

attention interested math squirrel undivided - 6518109952
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We're Pretty Sure We Heard You Say It

excited attention owls crowd mouse - 6910539776
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