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Roxy's look of pure shock and amazement at her humans' decision to bring home a tiny human with no warning whatsoever has been working it's way around the Internet.

Initally, we were just here to support her protest. After all, a dog is one thing, but Roxy's one on one time is going to suffer. 

After the initial confusion Roxy warmed up to the little guy though, so we're okay now too. Congrats on the new family member Roxy.

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Good thing these bird aren’t the Alfred Hitchcock type.

A guy in Texas came home after running some errands to find a huge flock of birds had infiltrated his home. He captured the chaos in two separate videos (part 1 is above and part 2 is embedded below).

“There are birds everywhere,” he says. “This is fucked up.”

There were upwards of 25 of the animals fluttering around, which he assumes were swallows.

He described the bizarre incident in a post on Reddit:

I opened the front door and heard what sounded like wings… I kind of flipped sh*t. Long story short We got them all out safely. There was a lot of cleanup involved, but all of the birds are fine. We think they got in through the chimney since last summer we thought we could hear birds chirping.

So it’s probably not an evil curse or omen, but he if he comes home to find plague of locusts in the next few days, it might be time to call a priest.

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