Miss P the Beagle Won Best in Show at Westminster

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Meet Miss P, the beagle who was crowned "Best in Show" Tuesday at the 2015 Westminster Dog Show in New York.

Despite being just 15-inches, "she thinks she's the biggest dog in the show," according to her handler, Will Alexander.

Miss P is the grandniece of a Uno, a beagle that also won "Best in Show" back in 2008, so apparently it runs in the family.

Her competitors included a fan-favorite sheepdog named Swagger, Matisse the Portuguese water dog, Flame the poodle, Liz the English springer spaniel and Good Time Charlie the Skye terrier.

Patty Hearst's Shih Tzu "Rocket" won the toy group and was also among the finalists.

Here is Miss P giving a very eloquent victory speech.

Also, this happened.

Help the Groundhogs Predict the Winner of the Super Bowl!

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This year's Super Bowl happens to land on Groundhog Day, and while Punxsutawney Phil is getting ready to predict when Spring will start, his brother and sister only care about FOOTBALL!

Meet Bill and Jill: the two biggest football fans in the groundhog community. Trouble is, Bill is a Seahawks fan and Jill is a Broncos fan. They both have there Groundhog Day predictions for the Super Bowl... Who do you think will win? Enter your vote below!
Who's Gonna Win the Super Bowl?

Squee Spree Winner: The Chipmunk!

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We have a winner, folks! This fuzzy little forager wins the spree against its fluffy-tailed cousin, the squirrel. Do you have any of your own backyard snapshots of these cheek-packing sweeties? We'd love to see them! Submit your chipmunk photos here!

Happy National Cat Day!

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Here's the winner of the Anderson Live National Cat Day contest! Thanks for celebrating National Cat Day with us!

National Cat Day was founded in 2005 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige to help recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued and encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their life.