Cats Republic: A Kitteh Café

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The cats of The Hermitage aren't the only famous felines in St. Petersburg, Russia anymore!

Cats Republic is a café with a twist: it has resident kittehs for patrons to play with every time they visit! To make sure no harm befalls these friendly felines, visitors are required to apply for a Visa in order to be granted entry into the coffee/cat haven.

Regulars have "adopted" their favorite cats among the resident bunch of kitties, and there's even a wall where visitors can measure their height in cats! Sounds like a pretty darling place to grab a drink, if you ask me!

You can learn more about Cats Republic here.

Animal Videos: The Cats of St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum

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More than 65 kittehs live underneath St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum. Their mission? To protect the museum's precious artwork from rodents with an indiscriminate taste for all things chewable. They are, of course, fed and cared for by a dedicated staff, and other job perks include free admission to one of the world's most prestigious museums. The cats employed today are the latest in a line of feline workers that stretches back more than 200 years. Think of that the next time you look over at your lazy fluffball, asleep in a sunbeam.

Source: Museum Secrets

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