It's His First Day of Training. The Bullet-Proof Vest Doesn't Quite Fit...

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Having a rough day? Come cheer yourself up over at our Restoring Faith in Humanity page, where you can see the best people have to offer in these tough times!

Halloween Pet Parade: Caught the Cat Burglar

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Submitter EvilLilyEvilZero says: Bad Boys, Bad Boys - Whatcha gonna do when Zero comes for you?

Thank you for your AWESEOME costume submission, EvilLily! And thank you to all of the Cheezfrends who've submitted pet costumes so far. You can see all of the submissions so far here.

If you haven't yet submitted a photo, read more here.

We will continue to update Halloween Costume Parade as you send in submissions, and we will also continue to publish some of our favorite submissions right here on I Can Has Cheezburger!

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