A Year in Review: Favorite Animal Moments of 2013

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It's been an excellent year full of fantastically hilarious critters of all shapes and sizes. From the super cute to the super crazy, we've seen it all! It wasn't easy, but we've collected some favorites of 2013 and we want you to have a say in which you think are the best!

Below is a list of the funny, darling and downright ludicrous! Click on each of the items to check them out, then make your choices (up to three per day) on which of these you love the most! The top three will be announced on New Year's Eve!

The votes are in and the poll has been closed. Thanks to everyone for your say in the 2013 favorite animal moments. Check in tomorrow for the results!

I Can Has Cheezburger Turns Five!

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Ohai, Cheezfrends! Today "I Can Has Cheezburger" turns five! WAT?! FIVE WHOLE YEARS OF HILARIOUS AND CYOOT KITTEHS???? SRSLY?! Time flies when you're having LOLz!

To celebrate, we've asked the employees of Cheezburger to select some of their favorite LOLz from the last five years. We've compiled them here. Enjoy a stroll down memory lane. If you want to play along, share links to your favorite LOLz in the comments below! (Or you can just wish us a happy birthday. That'd be awesome too!)

We need to have a serious discussion

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We need to have a serious discussion about your ICHC problem and how it has been affecting the timely delivery of noms and belly rubs. Your mother and brother will be here in five minutes.

Wez onlee lewkin owt fer yer best interestz.

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